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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do you work digitally or traditionally?
For the most part, my work is traditional.
However, when preparing prints, some digital tweaks are applied to overcome shortcomings in the scanning process.
These usually take the form of enhancing the colour accuracy and deepening the contrast.
I have worked purely digitally in the past and may, again, in the future.
Q. What tools do you use?
  • Digitally:
    • Autodesk Sketchbook on mobile
    • Adobe Photoshop, GIMP, or Paint on desktop. I’ve recently started using Krita as I hate Adobe as a company. So far, so good.
  • Traditionally:
    • Any pen or pencil
    • Sketchbook, notebook, printer paper, scrap paper, back of envelopes, literally anything that’ll accept a mark
  • Paper – Strathmore Smooth Bristol (11″x17″)
  • Pencils – Staedtler Mars Technico (Carbon lead, 2mm)
  • Inks – Pentel Arts Pocket Brush Pen (Black)
  • Highlights – Sakura Gelly Roll (Bright White, Medium Line)
  • Colours – Copic Sketch Marks
    • Set A
    • Neutral Grey Set
    • Fluorescent Set
    • A selection of earth tones
Q. Is Digital Art really Art?

Q. Sure *wink* *wink* …but is it REALLY?


Q. How can it be Real Art if it’s not a physically tangible thing?

Digital Art is just a new medium.
Instead of paint accumulating on a canvas, it’s electrons accumulating on a hard drive.
Just because you can’t see the electrons or understand how their groupings translate into the picture on your screen doesn’t mean they’re not physical objects that do exist in the real world.

Q. Okay, so it’s tangible. But there’s no risk to it… I mean, there’s an Undo button!

Yeah, and you can paint over paintings, erase pencils, whiteout inks, etc.
There are some mediums, like watercolor or subtractive sculpture, that have significantly tighter tolerances for screw ups but that doesn’t make other forms of Art non-art.
Undo is a convenience, but it doesn’t remove the technical skill and mastery required in the creation of Art.

Q. Wait, earlier you said you primarily work traditionally. If you don’t really even work digitally, why you did you bring up Digital Art in the first place?

Good question.

Q. Can you reanimate Funko Pops?
While I understand that necromancers reanimate the dead, my name (Funkomancer) is not actually derived from the popular vinyl figurines and bobbleheads, but rather, from a genre of music that I do not enjoy.

Q. You didn’t answer the question.

No, I cannot reanimate Funko Pops.
Reanimating something would naturally imply that it was, at some point, alive and animated.

Q. Wait, does that mean you can animate Funko Pops?

While there are not many points of articulation on a Funko Pop, it is possible to animate them using some rudimentary stop motion animation.

Q. No, no. You’re not getting out of it that easily. Do you have magical powers that allow you to breathe life into a popular series of vinyl figurines and/or bobbleheads?

This FAQ is over!

Q. I really like the cut of your jib. How can I help you keep doing what you're doing?

If you enjoy or have found value in my artwork please consider purchasing something from the shop:

If that’s not your jam, how about joining me on Patreon:

Q. What is Patreon?

Patreon is a membership platform where you (the patron) chip in a couple of bucks every time I (the creator) make new artwork (no more than twice a month).

Doing so helps me keep making Art and gets you a store discount, more behind the scenes content, and digital goodies based on your pledge level.

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